Our Staff

Meet the team
Gary Lamson

Gary is the co-owner of Providence Retreat and Providence Place (a sober living home for men located in Portland, Maine). He has had years of experience in recovery and has helped many men in that time. The experience of operating sober living over the past 10 years has given him insight into the effectiveness of different approaches to recovery. In addition, as a businessman of over thirty years, Gary shares practical life skills that can be implemented into sober living. Along with the experience of running a business, he started his career in the food service industry at the age of 16. He can also teach men fundamental skills in the kitchen. His belief system is anchored in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He will bring to Providence Retreat a very real, hands on, action oriented approach to recovery that is the basis to having a needed spiritual experience.
Justin Reid

Justin is a co-owner at Providence Retreat. A Maine native, Justin found freedom from a life controlled by substances in 2014. After progressive addiction had affected his relationships, career and appreciation for life, he decided that a drastic change was the only option. At a sober living home, he worked 12-steps and became willing to follow suggestions. These suggestions led him to residency at Providence Place Sober Living. Forming strong bonds with the other residents, Justin quickly turned into the positive example and strong leader that set him up to be a successful live-in house manager. After moving on from his management role, Justin continued to be of service at Providence Place by leading weekly groups for the residents.

Justin realized that his life’s purpose is to help others. He returned in the summer of 2016 to serve as the new Director of Providence Place. Justin also began working, part-time, with the Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) as the liaison with Operation HOPE at the Scarborough Police Department. Through Operation HOPE, it reinforced the fact that Maine was severely lacking in treatment for those in need. This concept helped drive Justin’s desire to be a part of creating Providence Retreat. Justin is certified Recovery Coach and trainer for the Recovery Coach Academy. He continues to work part-time at PRCC, and is very active in the recovery community.
Doug Corrigan

For 32 years Doug has been devoted to the recovery community. Sober since age 21, his calm, patient, and spiritual approach to helping people recover from various addictions, combined with his many years of life experience brings an asset to Providence Retreat. A native of Buffalo NY, and longtime Maine resident, Doug has always sought out new endeavors in life. At age 18, he joined the U.S. Navy and spent eight years working as an air traffic controller, a profession he first began to pursue at the age of 11. His extensive travel around the world has taught him many valuable skills, while also fueling his thirst for acquiring a deeper knowledge and understanding of the simple spiritual principles that lead to successful living. Doug continues to work as an air traffic controller. He is also a woodworking artist, a part time carpenter, and currently lives and manages Providence Farm.