Frequently Asked Questions

Guests are responsible for their own food. Transportation to the grocery store is provided upon request. If someone is interested in helping a guest with provisions, gift cards to Hannaford (that specify “not for the purchase of alcohol”) are recommended. As there will be on-site laundry available, clothing should be limited to one suitcase. Bring laundry detergent if a preferred brand is desired. Weather appropriate clothing, several changes of daily wear (hats and gloves are seasonally dependent). Footwear appropriate for the time of year. We recommend 1 pair shoes and one pair of slippers (boots if necessary). Toiletries and hygiene products (shaving cream, shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush/paste, etc.) are the responsibilities of guests. There will be opportunities for guest to obtain necessities on weekly store runs. Several books for leisure reading. ID and insurance cards, in the event medical care is required. A small amount of spending money. Keeping the guest’s belongings to a minimal level is important, as guests will be sharing a living space.

The following items are either prohibited or will not be accessible to a guest during their stay:

Weapons, products containing alcohol (such as mouthwash or aftershave), valuables, and any sharp objects. All OTC and prescribed medications will be evaluated by Providence Retreat and may be stored accordingly.

Family members and sponsors are encouraged to visit Guests. However, visitation may not be approved if it is deemed, by Providence Retreat, to have a negative impact on a Guest’s recovery process.

Guests may have their cell phone use limited upon entrance to Providence Retreat and have access to a community phone, during the adjustment period. Generally, guests will have access to their phones for the majority of their stay.

We do not accept insurance, as we are not a medical facility. However, you will find that our prices are competitive with other treatment facilities, and often may be the same as your co-pay or out-of-pocket deduction you would have with your insurance. In the event a Guest needs clinical or medical services, we will connect them to an outside provider.